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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Today I hugged a tree,
I looked up, as it looked down on me,
I felt so safe and sound,
As it held me close to the ground,

I walk past it every day,
Watching its branches dance and sway,
I felt like a child, admiring it with wide eyes,
The years…


The habitual and ever-toxic cycle that keeps me comfortably stuck — or numb, as Pink Floyd would say. The dark and destructive side of my existence that I can’t seem to fix.

I try so hard.

For years, I have spent so much time alone, focusing inward. …

Photo by Thom on Unsplash


Quite the blessing.

Beautiful, shiny pieces of metal that we innocently tote around our children every day — playing music, talking into, capturing every smile, every milestone, every special moment.

No longer a privilege or a luxury, owning a cellphone has become so normal and so intricately woven into…

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

My name is Shams.

In English, I’m “pillow cases”; in Arabic, I’m “the Sun”. My friends call me Sunshine.

I grew up in a traditional Lebanese-American household, although if you met my parents, you’d be confused where the “american” part was.

I’m the oldest of four.

I’ve never had a…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I bring you home
What bliss, such joy
I hold you close, my little boy
And late at night while I watch you sleep
I know that you are not mine to keep

I look into your eyes
They twinkle, they glow
I rock and hum, the lights dimmed low
And when…

Photo by Hassan Vakil on Unsplash

It’s been six months since I had my baby.

Six months since I had more than thirty minutes to an hour alone a day.

I never realized how much I liked to be alone. I knew socializing made me tired; I knew that when it came to my friends, I…


An honest look at how the pandemic has made me question my parenting.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

SHIT. The number one word I have used since covid-19 threw my world into a chaotic and confusing mess. …

I hate positivity culture.

Is hate a powerful enough word?

No — I loathe it.

I cannot stand the endless social media accounts on my instagram feed, spamming me with all these sunny, happy go-lucky quotes and lifestyle advice.

What happened to the days of being able to complain to…

I grew up in a traditional middle-eastern household. Although my parents have lived in America for years, you would never know it from the way they function. Lebanese customs and traditions, as well as expectations, were the theme of my childhood and upbringing. Being the oldest of four, I remember…


I like to write sometimes :)

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